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  • Remote Computing Services link us to you and your Windows or Linux computer. Training, troubleshooting and demonstrations can be conducted remotely by modem or Web. Personal and effective, saving travel, time and expense..
  • Current Situation and Post-Services Reviews help determine your present situation, how our services will fulfill your needs, and provides periodic assessments of our clients future needs and situations.
  • Technology Assessment and Advisory provides information on new products, technological advances and their impact on your operation - our clients can react BEFORE something new happens.
  • The WindowGroup Web Site lets our clients receive vital documents, news, updates, technical information, and EMail, using their computer and Web Browser.

  • Fees and arrangements are matched to the task at hand. Available Fee Structures can be based on a daily (per diem), contract or project, or retainer structure.
  • Large or comprehensive projects can be divided into modular operations timed for your benefit and budget.
  • We custom-mold services and products to your needs, even outside the specific areas described in this brochure.

  • Extensive Qualified Third-Party Contacts allow us to join forces with other expertise for your maximum benefit.

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