WindowGroup proudly presents custom, user-oriented Services for selected products users and Vendors, such as Astoundtm Presentation, and xxxxxxxxxx, and General Services for Interactive Television (ITV) users and Norstan, Inc. Clients, and Services for Multimedia, Graphics, Audio/Video creation and Streaming -- and more!

Currently, WindowGroup Services are categorized into four main departments:

  • Astoundtm Presentation support Services - Dedicated to providing new -to-experienced users complete high quality before-and-after-sale Astound Training Presentation Services and Client Support..
  • WG Technology Services - General Windows and PC Consulting , and cutting-edge business technologies including  Speech Recognition, Technology Assessment and Forecasting, Biometrics, Electronic Signatures.
  • Design and Publishing Services for Alpha Windows Database, Acrobat PDF Publishing
  • ePublishing Services - Including Design and Production of eBrochures, eBooks, general Web-based or CD-ROM based electronic products and publications, Surveys, Screen Savers and other products and services.

Whether your needs relate to Services, Support or Technology, you are at the right place, indeed... and when we say "service", we mean true hands-on, roll-up-the-sleeves attention to your situations and needs.

" WindowGroup is a founding member of the Serif Services Provider Network (SSPN). SSPN is a consortium of experienced Trainers, Consultants, and Product and Service Providers, dedicated to furthering enduser understanding of Serif products and Serif produced excellence in Desktop Publishing, Graphics, Video Presentations and Electronic Publishing."

It's still "under construction", but be sure to stop by the example Hints & Tipz section, for a growing coverage of ideas, effort-saving tips, and some darn original and useful hints in using Astound wiser, faster and smarter.

 Famous Quote

With gratitude to Winston Churchill, whose Battle of Britain speech made an impact on society to this day:

"As regards the training and the passing of information to society in the New Millennium, never, in the history of mankind, have so many come to need to know so much, to be advised by so few, so quickly."
- J. Rotello

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