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Electronic Publications (E-Publications or E-Pub for short) are not only the wave of the future , they are the wave of the present.

WindowGroup services include the design and production of product and service demonstrations, eLearning, Training, paper-based conversion to electronic brochures and other documents, and other additional services. These services and productions can be provided on CD-ROM, DVD, or Web sites, and provided to both dial-up and wideband users.

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  • Viewlet Design and Production
    Viewlets make it possible for anyone to provide compelling, animated online presentations with ease, that can be presented online, at a Web site, or on CD or DVD.

    Whether you need to design product demonstrations, software tutorials, online documentation or e-learning material, Viewlets are the answer.

    Viewlets are cross-platform - they can be played on Windows, Mac, Solaris and Linux computers, and maintain their precise look and feel.

    Viewlets can optionally contain audio, or they can be "quiet" productions where audio is not desired.

    with Audio

    without Audio


  • Electronic Catalogs and Brochures
    Modern, customer-friendly replacement for expensive, bulky paper documents that can be sent by CD-ROM, or presented on or downloaded from an Intranet or Internet web site.

    Electronic Brochures are a colorful and profoundly effective replacement for expensive color brochures. In addition, they can also include sound, animation, digital video and other multimedia elements.
  • Electronic Training and Testing
    Also known as Computer Based Training (CBT) this is revolutionizing both the dissemination of information and technology, and the effective understanding of it by the user.
  • Presentation and Demo Software
    Predicated on the principles that products, services, ideas and concepts are far more apt to be well received and understood when presented in a modern, colorful and multimedia-enhanced manner.
  • Paper-to-Web Publishing
    Extending or replacing new or current paper-based publications like newsletters, user manuals, technical and product briefs, and other material is positively reshaping our view and consumption of information. Add the options to supply new colors, graphics and multimedia...and the inherent lower costs of design and distribution to a local, national or worldwide audience.

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